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Stickied Incidents

23rd June 2020

CMS Internal DNS issue | Limited Access to Select Applications

What’s Going on? We are currently experiencing a company wide network outage. This is affecting all company systems that require internet. We are working to resolve with highest priority.

What do I need to do? Stand by. We will provide updates here and via email.
Calls in the helpdesk queue will not be returned at this time. Please email for support outside of the network issues.

Components affected by this outage: Customer Portal CMS Asset Manager eForms

  • Issue has been resolved.

  • At this time the network issues are resolved.

  • 3rd June 2020

    Donlen Driverpoint DriverPoint Duplicated Events

    What’s Going on? GM is sending Donlen duplicated event data for some of our vehicles. This is impacting some driving behavior scores. Donlen/GM/USIC are working on a solution now. No ETA for the fix yet.

    What do I need to do? Check DriverPoint to see if there are duplicated events & adjust driving behavior scores as needed.

    7th May 2020

    Donlen Driverpoint Telematics Data Reload

    Driverpoint is still attempting to catch up source databases from the outage this past weekend. "Old" events are mixed in with current events and slowing down the process. Impact is we will see partial trips in Driverpoint AND not have current telematics data in our Driver Behavior data set for Daily Operations or Safety Apps in Qlik Sense.
    No ETA is available at this time.

  • Telematics data that has been missing was received this morning. We are in the process of updating our databases. Qlik Sense should have updated Driver Behavior data this afternoon. This incident will switch to "Fixed" when data is showing correctly in Qlik Sense Safety or Daily Operations Apps.

  • 6th May 2020

    QlikSense QS | Daily Operations | Production Data

    Production data such as count of tickets for Day Start, Past Due, and other similar metrics are incorrect. They appear to be inflated. No ETA available at this time...more to follow.

  • Corrective actions resumed this morning. Ticket data should be available no later than 9:30am Eastern.

  • Corrective action was partially applied the night of 06MAY due to network conditions. Another update to follow this morning.

  • 18th March 2020

    QlikSense Qlik Sense | Planned Outage

    Planned outage should be complete by 11:00 pm Eastern

  • Outage is complete. Access has been re-instated. Apps are reloading now.

  • 28th February 2020

    QlikSense Qlik Sense Outage | Vendor Server Down

    Vendor is troubleshooting the issue with their server. Root cause has been identified and a corrective action is in progress.

  • Qlik Sense is now available.

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